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The Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, is seeking a plant scientist with research expertise in one or more of the following areas: plant physiology, plant molecular biology, genetics and plant genomics, and plant-microbe interactions. The successful candidate will be expected to teach plant science courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels; to conduct research and academic service activities, and to supervise graduate students. The candidate will join an active department of over 40 professors that maintains strong collaborative links with the numerous governmental and academic institutions that characterise Canada’s Capital Region.

A plant physiologist and 2 molecular biologist positions will be available in the Gene Discovery & Trait Assessment Program at Performance Plants Inc in January 2017.
The plant physiologist will be the leader of the Trait Assessment Team, responsible for planning, designing, organization and execution of the physiological and agronomic experiments for various plant species in growth chambers and field trials. Applicants should possess a M.Sc. or Ph.D. in plant physiology, crop science, breeding or agronomy with experience in agricultural biotechnology. Specialized research background working in the field of plant stress and experience involving in submissions for regulatory approval of transgenic crops are an asset. The applicants for the two positions of plant molecular biologist should have at least a B.Sc or an equivalent degree with broad molecular and biochemical laboratory skills. Experience in plant genetics, plant tissue culture and transgenic regeneration is preferred.
In general, the candidates for all 3 positions will ideally be detail-orientated, well-organized, enthusiastic and able to appreciate goal and team-based research and development.

The Fredericton Research & Development Centre (FRDC) of AAFC invites applications for a Research Scientist position with specialization in whole-plant stress physiology. The Centre, located in Fredericton, NB, conducts world-class research in all aspects of potato crop research, from soil fertility management to fried potato quality assessment. The incumbent will apply their expertise on live plants to understand potato physiology. The research will be applied to enhancing potato tuber yield and quality. The crop stress physiologist will work alongside with breeders, geneticists, molecular biologists, biochemists and chemists to advance development of potato germplasm resistant to stresses. The crop stress physiologist will also contribute to the development of crop management practices to reduce impacts of abiotic and biotic stress in collaboration with plant pathologists, microbiologists, entomologists, molecular biologists and soil scientists.